Good debt settlement company

Hello, does anyone know of a good debt settlement company? Thx!

My father has been a realtor allll my life and when it comes to buying a house any outstanding credit goes againist you. You are best to work out payment arrangements with the companies and pay off the debt, then work on getting a house. I am with you on all of it. Down to the loving partner. My fiance’ knew what bills came with me and still wants me. Must be love. I am just getting ready to start back to work and plan on just putting money in an envelope for each debt until I have enough to pay it in full. Foruntely my mother took over my credit cards and I will have to pay her back as well, but she would rather me pay these other guys off first and then pay her off. When i get half of each bill saved up I plan on calling the companies directly, not the collectors. I am going to let them know I have this much and this much only and can send it out today if they will take it and close out the account. We shall see what happens.

I am brand new to this great blog and am looking for information on debt settlement companies. My husband and I have close to $40,000 on our credit cards most at 30% or more interest. We can no longer make the minimum payments. I have talked with CCCS but even their program is too expensive for us. I have been triing to get the money together to get CCCS started for 2 months and I can see now that it just isn’t going to happen.

I have been talking now with debt settlement companies. Has anyone had success with this? I do have one in mind I don’t know if I am allowed to post the name or not. I am a bit leary as they take all their fees out first so it would be almost a year before a decent amount of money would be in my account to settle with. Then over 2 years before the last credit card would be paid.

I don’t think we would qualify for chap 7 and from what I understand chap 13 would be payments for 5 years so i would like to avoid that.

I have done a quick search on this site about settling them myself. Have many had luck with this? It seems I have heard many(not here) say they have had no luck trying to settle themselves. I am already 2 -3 months behind and don’t want to waste time trying to do it myself if its not going to work.

Sorry this has gotten longer than I had planned! I appreciate any advice or ideas! Thanks!